Sunday, March 14, 2010

Welcome me to the world of e-games

When I discover myself into computer world I start with the games because that time there is no internet connection in our place. There is a computer in our municipal hall and I work there during my summer class break if I'm not mistaken that is called (SPES R.A 7323)Special Program for the Employment of Students. That summer job opportunity is really big help for me for preparing financially for the next school year and that time also I learn how to use computer.
But during that time we do typing job only as part of our job, then when I finish typing those documents I can now do a games. Yes! a games which is solitaire and super Mario a games that no need an internet connection.

When I discover the internet world here in Manila I am amaze, I can do chat and communicate people around the world. I have a lots of accounts in social networks that is why I'm not prefer more into online games world. I usually play counter strike before and cabal and I stop it because I spend more money on it, at that time I don't have my own computer so I spent more money.

When I receive email from nuffnang I just ignored it its because its all about games.But last night I feel bored while surfing the net and finish click those paid ads site that I joined. I check my nuffnang account and I read about the extension of submissions of entry. Hmmmmm... I think why should I try to play this games? I visit and make a tour first.
Wow I cant wait to know how to play this online games in my mind, I study how to play with it.
when know how to play I start playing the games and oh Di ko namalayan umaga na pala nakalimutan ko oras. Sa isip ko naku!! ma addict na naman ako sa game na to.
For now have to organize my schedule I add more time to internet not just surfing and clicking tones of ads but also time for games I will promise I will spend 2-3 hours for the game di na po magdamag heheheh.

I posted video tutorials below about this games I hope you like it too and start playing this game.


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