Saturday, March 27, 2010

Anne Curtis had a “swimsuit malfunction”

Actress Anne Curtis had a “swimsuit malfunction” during the taping of one of her production numbers for ASAP XV in Boracay.

A spectator was able to take a picture of the incident. The said picture was posted on Facebook and is now spreading like wildfire.


Anonymous said...

hi... i like you blog which tells about this controversy. however, i would like to request if you can delete this photo perhaps? because this kind of incidents should not be published since it was not done on a purpose. kawawa naman kasi si Anne. she had suffered enough.

request lang naman po yun. hope you understand my point. thanks! :)

quimboph1 said...

My apology.. I already remove the pix I watched Anne last day in the buzz I have plan to remove the pix last night but its out of my mind thank you for reminding me by posting your comment.