Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another money making online that I discover, THE CASHMAILS!

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Can the burst suggest an orchestral microprocessor?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Update about Ten Dollars Click.

I would like to thanks to people who sign up in this program.
As I checked their status of earnings I have seen few inactive members there's a lot of ads to click everyday but I think those members that still zero earnings don't know how to start earn and generate money.
Please watch this video demo I created this just for you guys this tools can help you a lot on how to earn money.



Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ten Dollar Click Proof Of Payments!

This are the proof of payments that made this month of February by Ten Dollar Click ads program.

Username .........Method ........Amount .........Date Paid

anapaolo .........PayPal .........$10000.00 .......Feb/20/2010
thekommissar ......AlertPay ......$10400.00 .......Feb/14/2010
mexicali ..........PayPal ........$10760.00 .......Feb/14/2010
graciavele ........PayPal ........$10050.00 .......Feb/14/2010
banta170 ..........PayPal ........$10010.00 .......Feb/09/2010
noypi .............PayPal ........$10580.00 .......Feb/09/2010
hoha761 ...........PayPal ........$11000.00 .......Feb/09/2010
fredellioty .......PayPal ........$10000.00 .......Feb/04/2010
kocur12nh .........PayPal ........$10800.00 .......Feb/04/2010
wickedviki ........PayPal ........$10260.00........Feb/04/2010
dyzal .............AlertPay.......$10590.00 .......Feb/04/2010

If you are already a member you can access the whole list proof of payments at bottom area in your Ten Dollar Click account. Or you can access here for members only.

Do you want to earn money like the person I mentioned above?

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You can see my daily earnings in the banner that I posted here.It is statistically system generated it will update automatically when I got earnings.

Better to join readbud guys this is not a scam and its easy  


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Update for Ten Dollars Click.

I would like to Thanks to all the people who interested to earn money.
As of today they are now Start earning money like me.

Thank you for the following:

Names............... Earnings ...... Last Activity
ease03.............. $10.00000 ....... Monday, February 22 2010
kaizen0918.......... $60.00000....... Monday, February 22 2010
kenzai18............ $10.00000 ....... Monday, February 22 2010
bunsohapi76......... $200.00000 ..... Monday, February 22 2010
jossa .............. $90.00000 ..... Monday, February 22 2010
leahcim27........... $80.00000 ..... Monday, February 22 2010
markmendoza1983..... $100.00000 ..... Sunday, February 21 2010
aydzsuarez.......... $0.00000 ...... Sunday, February 21 2010
jura................ $0.00000 ...... Saturday, February 20 2010

Keep up the good work guys!
For the person who earned zero it means they don't know how to click the ads.
Just view the video tutorials that I posted below for your guide.

More people ask me how about the payment method.
Payment method is via AlertPay.
You must create your own AlertPay account too. When signing up the AlertPay just select the Personal Pro account, this option is the best way to send and receive money online.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Join TenDollarClick Today!

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Welcome To Rich PTC!

Welcome To Rich PTC!

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I'm just having fun! for #YAP4GRABS win nokia 5230 contest.

Next #YAP4GRABS challenge is fr@turbochicken"It's time to get creative!Trace the evolution of@iamtimyap by making a collage of timyap photos.{This tweet originaly from Tim Yap in twitter} Since I don't have idea where to get photos of Tim Yap
Sorry for all the #YAP4GRABS contestant I'm just having fun collecting all your entries. I think all of you give me a way to win hehehehe.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Has making money ever been this easy? Here at Ptcsense, you can earn one dollar per click and ten dollars per sign up. The work required is very minimal and only takes a short amount of time each day. What's more, we will also pay you handsomely for the actions of any of your direct referrals!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Join AppQanda and win Apple iPad

Here are all the ways you can participate in a giveaway:

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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Monday, February 15, 2010


How does the affiliate program work ?
FindPPC.Net will pay you up to 90% of the bidded amount plus 5% of your referrals earnings. You will be paid within 48hours after request by WebMoney or Paypal when you have reached the $3 minimum.

Do you pay for affiliates from all countries ?

Yes, we welcome affiliates from all countries.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Subevert and profit demo video.

Social media users?

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010



Official Launch 2/16th


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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How does click ads work?

Here's how it really works.
This video show what I do to earn money on click ads and earn money.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Click the ads earn money now !

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Noong una hindi ako naniwala sa mga ganito sa dami ng nag refer sa akin ng mga click ads pero nawalan ako ng gana kasi nung sinubukan ko limitado lang ang mga ads na pwede ko e-clcik at kailangan ko daw mag upgrade para madami akong ads na ma click at syempre kailangan magbayad ako para ma upgrade ang account ko. Pero sa sinubukan ko napakanda pala nito una napaka daming ads na pede e-click at bawat ads na ma click ko ay kumikita ako Php4.50 lang naman ang bayad sa akin sa nawat ads na ma click ko maliit lang pero pera din yun at pwede pa lumaki ng lumaki pag masipag ka.

Mga paraan para kumita.

Una - mag recruit ka:

Sa bawat tao na ma recruit mo matulungan mo sila para kumita din ng pera sa pamamagitan din ng pag click ng mga ads kilangan lang nila gumawa din ng sarili nilang account ang pagawa ng sarili nilang click ads account ay walang bayad. At ito ay ang maganda sa bawat ads na ma click ng taong iyong na recruit ay kumikita ka din,

Pangalawa - kikita ka din sa AlertPay:

Ang AlertPay ay ang paraan ng pagbabayad ng sa mga myembro na katulad ko
sa bawat myembro na ma hikayat kong sumali sa ay babayaran na naman ako, kay doble ang kikitain ko bawat isa na ma recruit ko na mag bukas ng account sa AlertPay
ay bab babayaran ako ng ($1.00) php46.00 din ito

Pangatlo - bumili ng mga ma recruit:

Sa pamamagitan nito ay maaring ma doble o ma treple pa ang iyong kikitain may paraan ang para mas lalong lumaki ang iyong kitain ayun sa nasabi ko sa unag paraan (sa bawat ads na ma click ng taong iyong na recruit ay kumikita ka din),
oo the more you recruit person to join the more money you earn. Kaya ang ay gumawa ng paraan na maari mo ding bilhin.
If you hard to find active members? let us do the referring for you. We know how difficult and time consuming referring others can be, especially when you simply don't have the time. In fact, we've already got newly registered members who joined without a referrer who we can automatically place beneath you and let you reap the rewards!

Para sa kaalaman ng lahat dito ko po kinkuha ang aking mga pang araw araw na gastusin simula nung wala na akong trabaho.

Para sumali sundan lamang ang sempleng paraan ng pag rehestro mag fill up lang sa form na matagpuan sa mga link.
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e-click lamang ito para sa AlertPay.

pagkatapus mag rehistro sa alert pay maari kanang mag rehistro sa at pwede kana magsimula kumita ng pera sa pamamagitan ng pag click ng mga ads.
e-click lamang ito para sa