Monday, December 20, 2010

Everyday Eveready Moments

When I was a child a live and grow up in a small and remote province in the Philippines. No electricity,cars,television. etc..
 During that time the only appliances that I can considered that we have is a radio. Everyday only radio is our means of entertainment from morning till midnight.A lot of dramas that aired everyday, there is a time that when battery is low me and my brothers put our ears near into the speaker of the radio just to hear the voice clear. The one thing that I wont forget is when my mother buy battery its always EVERYDAY BATTERY because it takes longer to use compare to the other brands of the battery.

In our place during night time is very dark I cant imagine how I grow up in a dark place with no electricity, but good thing Everyday battery gives light during our night times we can use our flashlight with battery operated using everyday battery. I will share this to all my readers this is the real life in our province. There's no comport room in our place, yes its true we do live without comport room. Every night mostly people in our place release our shit, flashlight is very important to us we bring small flashlight and we use it to light our way going to the place we call it (kalibangan) or palikuran and we can also use our flashlight to warn another person who wants to release too, not to go that place because its already been occupied all they have to do is to find their place too. This is funny story but this is the reality where I grow up.
I have a lots of everyday moments that EVERYDAY Battery is there, we have a wall clock in our small house when I woke up I will look at into wall clock and everyday battery makes the clock functions well.

My Everyday Battery moments until now this new world that I live is still here, even if I live now in a place with electricity with computer,television, and some of latest inventions that operated using electricity.
But my wall clock until now is operated by everyday battery.
The remote of my dvd player and remote of my television set is also operated by everyday battery.
Yesterday I buy toys for my nephew as a gift for this Christmas and its remote toy car and of course I will use everyday battery for longer life and good functions of the toy.

I cant believe that in my everyday moment of my life EVERYDAY Battery is there and wow they celebrate 110 years of Eveready in the Philippines this is awesome thank you to EVERYDAY BATTERY !!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

The new Philippine peso bills

President Benigno S. C. Aquino III displays redesigned peso bills during yesterday’s launch of the new generation of banknotes in Malacañang.
Old faces were maintained with the late former president, Corazon C. Aquino, the only new addition. She joined her husband, the late former senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino, Jr. on the P500 bill.
The bills’ reverse sides were all changed to feature a landmark, an animal and indigenous designs: 

The P20 gets the Banaue Rice Terraces, a palm civet and a weave from the Cordilleras. 

The P50, Taal lake, a Giant Trevally fish and embroidery from Batangas. 

The P100, Mayon volcano, a whale shark and an indigenous textile detail from Bicol. 

The P200, the Chocolate Hills, a Philippine tarsier and a design from the Visayas. 

The P500, the Subterranean River National Park in Palawan, a blue-naped parrot and a woven cloth design from the Southern Philippines. 

The P500 bill is historic as it features three Aquinos: the two democracy icons and the signature of their son, President Benigno S. C. Aquino III, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Governor Amando M. Tetangco, Jr. said at the launch in Malacañang.

The P1,000, the Tubbataha Reef Marine Park in Sulu, the Pinctada maxima oyster, and a tinalak design from Mindanao.

Younger faces were also used for the personalities featured: former presidents Manuel L. Quezon (P20); Sergio Osmeña (P50); Manuel A. Roxas (P100); Diosdado P. Macapagal (P200); Mr. Aquino’s parents (P500); and Girls Scouts of the Philippines founder Josefa Llanes Escoda, first Filipino West Point graduate Vicente P. Lim and former Chief Justice Jose Abad Santos (P1,000).

Old currency still use in 3 years.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Supreme Court acquits Hubert Webb

The Supreme Court has acquitted the convicted murderers in the controversial decades-old Vizconde massacre case, reversing an earlier local court decision sentencing those accused of life imprisonment.
“The court has acquitted Hubert Webb, Antonio Lejano, Michael Gatchalian, Pyke Fernandez, Miguel Rodriguez, Peter Estrada and Gerardo Biong,” Supreme Court spokesman Midas Marquez told a press conference.
Seven magistrates voted for the acquittal, four voted against, four others abstained.
“The prosecution was not able to prove their guilt beyond reasonable doubt,” said Marquez.
Marquez added the Supreme Court also noted that the quality of testimonies of the witnesses, including those of Jessica Alfaro “could not be relied on.”
“It was more on the quality of witnesses presented by the prosecution. The quality of testimony and marked inconsistencies of the witnesses could not be relied on,” Marquez added.
Fritz Webb, brother of Hubert, earlier said the acquittal is the best Christmas gift for their family.
In a separate report, Lauro Vizconde had said he will respect the decision of the Supreme Court but he will ”criticize it” if Webb is freed. Volunteers against Crime and Corruption, a group backing Vizconde, said they are hoping the justices will be able to sleep at night.
On June 30, 1991 Estrellita, Carmela and Jennifer Vizconde were brutally killed inside the Paranaque abode.
Webb’s alibi was he was not in the country at the time and was actually in the United States.
Webb’s family earlier launched an online campaign seeking for Hubert’s freedom and provided the public their evidence that Hubert was not at the crime scene.

Source Yahoo 

Friday, December 10, 2010


December 19 2007 is the last time that I buy cellphone and that time cellphone is very expensive. I decide to buy a Nokia 6630 because that time that was the best feature for me that I can afford to buy. Since I have a regular job at that time I can afford it  to buy and that was my Christmas gift to myself.
During the Global crisis in 2008  I am one of those who is very affected, our company decide to remove some of their regular workers and sad to say I'm the one who removed from the job.
Since I don't have a job I decide to go back home in our province and that time my mother has a serious illness.
We bring him into Hospital and since I don't have a job I decide to sell my cellphone.
But still my mother did not survive She died last December 12 2009. Its easy to forget my cellphone but the memory of my mother is still in my heart and in my mind until now.
After a few months ago I decide to go back Manila and continue life as everybody says life must goes on.

Every one of us really needs cellphone for important uses and others for social use.
One day my cousin bought a new cellphone and she decide to give Her old unit to me and its Nokia 1100 this is now the one that I'm using for as long as I can send messages to my friends and I can receive calls thats very important.

But somehow I really love latest gadget latest laptop units and latest mobile units. Most of the day I browse to the internet just to find a new and latest cellphones. And when I went to the mall I wont stop myself to visit cellphone stores even if I don't have money to buy it I just wanted to see the features of the mobile and touch it even if I know that, it was only a dummy display.
Its been a long time that I don't have a permanent job, I have to pay my house rent, internet bills,water,etc...and I don't have enough money to buy such new and latest thing.

Today when I browse into the internet I found these very interesting feature of Nokia cellphone its NOKIA C7,This now the best feature that I want to have my own.

Beautifully crafted design:
A sleek design constructed from polished stainless steel and glass.
Videos and images look sharp on the vivid 3.5" high-resolution display.
Three home screens you can personalise with contacts, apps and more.
Use finger gestures – pinch to zoom, flick to scroll and tap to select.
View all running apps and tap the screen to easily switch between them.

Integrated social networks:
Get live updates from Facebook and Twitter directly on the home screen.
Update your status across all your social networks at the same time.
Add social events to your calendar easily with just one click.
Share your location through Facebook and meet friends who are close by.
Post comments and photos directly from the home screen.

Maps with free GPS navigation:
Find the best route and get to your destination on time with Ovi Maps.
Get free lifetime navigation with turn-by-turn voice guidance.
Record your own voice guidance with Own Voice and share on Facebook.
Discover nearby restaurants, landmarks and other points of interest.
Use the Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-217 for clear voice navigation as you walk.

The best in mobile entertainment:
Capture high-quality photos and HD video using the 8 megapixel camera.
Watch National Geographic, CNN, BBC and many more channels with Web TV.
Listen to music on your car stereo with the built-in FM transmitter.
Flip through album art and make playlists of your favourite songs.
Play music out loud on the powerful Nokia Mini Speaker MD-9.

Whoa all the feature that I'm looking for is already in Nokia c7.
I wish I can pose my picture here in my blog holding this Nokia C7 as really mine.
But as of now this is me holding my cellphone.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Free Mobile Load to all FILIPINO

I just want to share this to my fellow Filipinos who have mobile phone its either GLOBE,SUN or SMART network.
I have found a new way on how you can have a free airtime load in just few minutes.
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Here's the simple step on how.

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Thats it very simple.
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