Saturday, November 26, 2016


I'm writing this letter article because I want to Help Street Kids. My program is voluntarily provides aid to street kids around the city. Every time I saw a group of kids begging for small amount of coins my heart is bleeding. Immediately I give them food or any small amount of money just to make them feel that there are still people that are willing to help. Most of the time I give them food directly it is my best way of helping therm.
$10 feed five child
 I am planning for a nice fundraising programs like charity balls and fun fairs to raise funds to support for the food, education and shelter of these kids. Im asking to myself why I don't need a try to start my fundraising here? I still believe that there is a lot of people like you who is willing to help as long as it came from your heart and as any amount as you want. So here I am trying my best to look for a good Samaritan. I know a lot of people online doing or asking money only for their personal needs and wants. I assure you my dear readers this is real, in support I will updating here and post photos of my charity works..$10 feed five child
Who says a few dollars don't go far today? When thousands of people give just $10 im sure a lot of amazing things happen to this street kids. Thousands of children in poor countries are receiving medical treatment from doctors and nurses who vol nteer their food, time and skill, but these volunteers need money for supplies, medicine, and equipment. Can you help? Giving together we can make miracles happen. All you need to do is please send your contribution today in the donate button on this page or just leave your comment below for any other option Thank you very much GOD BLESS. Please create payza accout to donate.

$10 feed five child 
$10 feed five child

Friday, November 25, 2016

OPPO F1s Selfie Filter

Recently #supermoon is nationwide trending in social media, everybody make sure their phone camera's ready while waiting the super moon. 

I am one of those who patiently waiting. And you just got have a shots photos like at the left side.
You cant take good shoots because of your poor phone camera #superannoying right?

I try searching best smart phone camera with high resolutions online, and I found the best one!
16 MP front cam? I Had to check many times just to make sure of this. Oh boy I am a selfie addict person in this world no one could tell how passionate I am when it comes to taking photos.

  Imagine in the top of the mountain facing the entire big city with thousands of different colorful lights sparkling like this! 
  One of my favorite filter OPPO F1s Selfie Camera is of course the soft one.  

 OPPO F1s is now available in limited edition space gray.


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