Friday, September 25, 2015

Where is the Haiyan donations?

"70 thousand totally damage and 30 thousand for partially damages" DSWD secretary Dinkee Soliman stressed out during a national television interview.

She is talking about the distribution of fund to the Haiyan victims last Nov. 8 2013, approximately 400 billion dollars fund was donated to the Philippines from different countries, this is about more than 40 trillion pesos. It is a huge fund to count but a huge count of Filipino people also asking where is the money?

As we all know almost all parts of Western Visayas was almost totally damage by the typhoon particularly in Tacloban ang Leyte provinces, way back after almost 3 years I am one of those person who is part of historic devastation I still feel the pain looking at our house in just few seconds vanished by the typhoon and I have nothing to do and I cant stop my tears during that time. All memories from my childhood is on that house and its gone just by the winds.

After typhoon I seek help not for myself but for my neighborhood and relatives and I am still thankful for those people who help me achieve my intentions to give care and love for those victim people who really in needs during that time. 4 times I distributed a relief goods through the effort of my friends all over the world (cash donations, medical assistance, canned goods blankets food water etc...) proud to say I give first emergency assistance to my neighborhood before the help of the local government came after 2 weeks. READ MY ARTICLE HERE

I'm writing this article because I want you to know my dear readers all over the world that our small place in Leyte Philippines, approximately 90 percent suffer the totally damage while 10 percent on partially damages to their houses. But sad to say almost 10 percent of residence in our place who received the Emergency Shelter Assistance fund. People get angry and always ask me to help them because they believe that I can help in any way .

Another questions,  according to Secretary Soliman 70 thousand for totally damage while 30 thousand to partially damage but worst thing happen is when the funds came, only 30 thousand for totally damage and 10 thousand for partially damage, WHAT HAPPENED? and they also give guidelines that for those victims that houses located at 40 meter no build zone cannot received the funds and they are just wait for the next announcement, this is the reason why people get angry. 

 I send tweet to DSWD Manila and Tacloban to do an investigation about this matter, and also our parish priest ask our local government if where is the fund? I heard a lot of incident regarding ESA, people rallying and some other Brgy officials received death threats because of this fund. National poll is fast approaching I hope this fund will not be used for vote buying. This fund is for Filipino people not for the corrupt politicians. Honestly speaking my house was totally damage during typhoon but I did not receive even a single centavo from billions of funds mentioned.