Friday, March 19, 2010

Make money on Twitter! trough Twivert!

How twivert works ?
Advertisers start a campaign by

* Creating a new tweet message.
* Selecting a time slot between when the ad has to be posted
* bidding for the time slot.
* Allocating an amount for the campaign.
* Limiting the number of impressions per day.

Twitterers can start displaying ads by

* Signing up for a new twivert account.
* Limiting the number of tweets per day.
* By selecting the time slots between when the twitterer is comfortable with display ads.

Optionaly twitterers can pre-approve ads before they are tweeted.
Each time a tweet is published the corresponding twitterer is paid for the same.
Advertiser is charged only when the tweets are published.

Twitterers: click here to sign up and earn money!

Advertisers: click here to sign up and promote your product!

Make money on twitter

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