Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Wondefull Project to PHILIPPINES

During Typhoon Yolanda in November 8; 2013, I was in Calubian Leyte which is directly affected by the storm signal number 4 the strongest typhoon hits all over the world. In the early morning around 7;00 o'clock in the morning  we are just plying outside taking photos, as we know typhoon always hits us and we don't really know how strong this kind of storm comes to us. But suddenly the winds getting stronger and stronger. I ran to my house and pick only a piece of t-shirts and my important documents. I leave my house and run go to my neighbors house, as I know that house is strong enough but an hour ago mostly all houses in my place falls down to anywhere roofs trees electric post...and the house that I know is strong all of the sudden it was totally damage. I just also look up my house turning into piece all my memories since I was birth was there, my tears starts to fall and I have nothing to do to save my house. We all just pray while hiding at the back of wall, only the wall left the house of my neighbor still thanks to God we are all alive and safe.

The next day no electricity. no mobile network, no food, no internet connection and we are homeless. I was thinking if I had internet connection I can get some help. I walk around our village, children start picking up some fallen coconut, fruits and some other foods that can still be eaten. I was thinking how about the next days? what are we going to eat? If we will wait for the governments help when it will comes? a lot of questions in my mind that I also think a good answer. I went to Brgy official but sad to say our chairman is busy doing his business a coco lumber business. I need money on that time just a small amount for the fare going to near city, a city which has internet connection and money transfers a city that not totally affected by the typhoon. Thanks to my friend he offer me a money for me to use. I ask the contact numbers of all the relatives of my co villagers who is willing to help them particularly their immediate relatives who can send them help.

And yes! I went to Cebu City and post all photos that I captured during typhoon. Lots of my friends responded my calls and messages and they are willing to help us. Everyday I'm busy receiving calls and withdrawn money from ATM's and claiming money transfer to different money transfer companies coming from Philippines and other countries. I also received a relief goods from my friend online they delivered the goods directly to the ferry coming back to my place in Leyte When I got home I bring the help to all my co-villagers and distribute all the money that I collect from their relatives. As the internet connection going back again in my place and some near towns restored their electricity I distributed already three sets of relief goods and also I volunteer for a medical mission in our place.


Above mention story is just my simple but wonderful way to help Philippines I hope that I still had a #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014 .
Before I end up this articles I have Questions to ask everybody and we’ll choose a winning wish from the comments on this blog and the chosen reader will get an iPad Mini 2.     

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 “If there is one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift?”

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