Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Learn How to Take a Screen-Shot on your Computer

Its extremely easy to do, and can be used for pictures for videos! You can use Screen-Shots for videos, slide shows, power points, or anything else!

MS Paint:
to open up Paint, go to START (bottom left-hand corner of your PC screen), "ALL PROGRAMS", Accessories, then click on PAINT.

Once you have paint opened, click up at the top left-hand corner, "Edit", then "Paste". Your screenshot should appear inside paint, if it didn't. Go back to what you want a screenshot of, and press the Print Screen key again, and redo the process.

¤ If the Edit and Paste did not work for you, then take the screen shot again, open paint, and:
HOLD DOWN: Ctrl and Alt (on your keyboard)
THEN PRESS: V (the letter on your keyboard)

Then it should paste!

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