Friday, September 13, 2013

Recorded Boys After Dark (BAD)

Hey radio natin listeners I try to record the boys after dark sept 10 edition with dj Dennis
 I hope every body will like it . You need headphone or speaker to listen it of course lol. At first few seconds audio is not in good quality because my internet connection is gone since I was record it via live streaming.. When connection is gone I open my mobile phone to listen the show (thats always what i do ) listen to mobile phone if I dont have internet load.
But few seconds my connection is back and my audio quality is good.
If anybody wanted me to record every edition of BAD just leave your comment to this article.

Friday, September 6, 2013

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs around the Globe 2013

 Here's my Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2013

 Top 1.

FilipiKnow is one of the first and most active trivia blogs in the Philippines today. They offer fascinating facts to readers regularly through top 10 lists, how-to's, and random trivia. This is an infotainment website which has the main goal of educating Filipino readers and entertaining them at the same time. 

 Top 2.

Online Jobs Lifestyle  I believe this blog deserves to be considered as a Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2013 because its a blog about promoting the online jobs industry. Its prime advocacy is to bring and increase awareness about the online jobs industry and how its very much possible for individuals to get started with the right guidance and coaching. Yes there are blogs out there that also teaches about online jobs and freelancing. But the way this blog tackles it is based on the point of view of those who wants to start and needs a push and guidance. I do hope you consider this blog and help further in its advocacy of promoting the online jobs industry and supporting the up and coming Online Filipino Professionals.

 Top 3.

Hey Lois It only started this January 1st and many people around have had already recognized and gave optimistic feedback plus, I can say that this blog is really influential, in a way that the author is a teenager, I know our generation feels. It can speak up for other people and influence other people. 

 Top 4. 
iWander. iExperience. iKwento. 

I started last September of 2012 as a diary with his visit to Puerto Princesa City in Palawan. Having the opportunity to write online, He created a story about the pictures and experiences He got. From the time it was started, only friends and families were the visitors of the site. February this year, He bought his own domain and continued to create quality contents and posts.

As of the moment, the blog has already 7000+ page views every month, and social media accounts has 700+ likers in Facebook, 580+ in Twitter and 2100+ followers in Tumblr (the platform of the site). Most visited posts include the travel guides and itineraries of the places for readers who want also to experience the beauty of the Philippines.

  Top 5. 

The Traveling Panda
Mike, a Pangasinense who grew up in Manila
Started this journal in 2013,
so He could share his travel experiences.
Through this blog, He hope to be an advocate of Philippine tourism
through his stories and photography.

Join him on his quest to EXPLORE offbeat destinations,
to EXPERIENCE different cultures,
and to ENJOY what life has to bring...

Top 6. 

-->The Faces tends to feature various kind of people from different industries/field of specializations and walks of life.

I consider it as a Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2013 for 3 Valuable Reasons: (1) it takes a different look on people who are already known in their chosen industries, (2) giving more personal relationship to readers and getting to know the person through discovering things about their personal and professional profiles and (3) it creates an impact on someone's sense of value through rediscovering the aspirations of other people.

This blog is not just about a profile of different personalities. It is a profile of passion, aspiration and self-introspection. The blog sets a paradigm of one's self-worth and value through other people's lives and pursuit of interests.

To inspire and move forward.

That is what 'The Faces' offers.

 Top 7. 

-->San Josenyong Gala chronicles the travel made by a simple librarian from the City of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan having a quest to visit all the Philippine provinces and cities before he marries.

This blog focuses on the promotion of less-visited towns and off beaten paths as well as discovering some other historical and cultural heritage which are not yet known to many.

This blog also serves as a venue to the author's aim to look for and show the best of every town he visits. The author's principle is that however simple a town maybe, it still has something to offer.

Lastly, the blog shows how fun it is to be a town and city hopper, giving the author his ultimate prize : self fulfillment, experience, and great memories!

Top 8. 

The Clickbook is a blog that tends to share various topics, Philippine socio-political issues, policy, world and current events, travel and food, humor and social and humanitarian activities that I am into.

It elevates the standard of blogging through wide variations of blog posts that a follower may read. It is influential because it provokes and encourages individuals to comment on issues and topics that affect their personal lives and interest.

Thus, I consider it as a Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2013

 Top 9.
The blog features street gent style, views on products he personally uses, art whatnot's that catches his adroit eye, his takings on photography, selected events he goes to and everything that can help give a leverage to one’s personality. It is also created not just to tell a story but to inspire people to do something in achieving something. To push forward and to be a better person day after day.

 Top 10.
Saranghaekorea is just one of the hundreds Filipino blogs available in the net that tackles about the experience in South Korea as an expatriate. However, most of the blogs are authored by Korean spouses. This put the Overseas Filipino Workers in the map of online media through this blog. Its not just a blog, it is an advocacy voicing out the perspective of filipino workers in South Korea.With this type of niche, the audiences, aside from fellow bloggers, are mostly the OFWs in South Korea because they share the same interest. This blog does not only tackle issues regarding employment but also anything and everything about South Korea to also reach other audiences aside from OFWs. I believe this is influential because when it go roaming around some famous Filipino spots in South Korea, A compliments from fellow OFWs about this blog. 

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