Thursday, March 20, 2014

Simple blogger accidentally meet the US Economist

Last week I was in Tacloban city for important matters, Ive meet an American guy He sat beside me and He start asking me about the typhoon Yolanda, He ask me if where I am during the typhoon, and I told him that I am in our place somewhere here in Leyte and I told Him that I am one of those survivors of the devastated typhoon.. I told Him the full details during that day,

The night before the typhoon comes I decide and tell my grandma and my neighbors for a massive evacuation because the super typhoon is had super strong winds, and yes they did.
 I was monitoring untill 11:00 in the evening when I woke up at around 2:00 in the morning I heard a very different noise came from any other bugs its my first time to hear that kind of noise. In the morning the winds is so strong I send multiple messages to all my friends and relatives in my mobile phone warn them to stay where the are because typhoons already landfall.

I give the full details to a guy his name anyway is eric same name with my brother. I told him that the morning I was running to my neighbors house bring only my wallet and important documents. We are staying at the back of toliets wall the roofs house starts flying anywhere, children is crying and also ladies crying and we pray. I ask God is this the end of the world? I saw my house start falls down roofs fly anywhere I cant stop my tears I really cry and in my mind is my mother all memories of my mother is in our old house.
I also look up in the sky and rainfalls to my mouth but I noticed that its not an ordinary rain it was salty. Yes the rain that falls is not came from the clouds its came from the sea.

I told Eric after typhoon I was checking all our villages It almost 100 percent totally damage I take pictures all over our place. I was thinking what will happen the next days? What do we eat? a lots of questions in my mind that needs answers. I need to do something we need help. I told to my villagers that we create a help sign, But most of them busy cleaning and pick a piece of their house. No mobile networks, no electricity no banks open in town no money transfer establishments open. We are hopeless.. I told eric that I go nearest city the Cebu city I ask help and when I got home I bring relief goods to my villagers and everybody starts surviving from hunger. Eric ask me if how about our Brgy Captain? I told him the truth that our brgy captain is happy because He had a lot of coconut and trees to cut and sell to Cebu Islands because that is his business selling lumbers and captain did not do something to help His constituents.

I also told Eric that I help do my best effort and connections to help to our villagers and by Gods grace trough my effort three times that I distributed relief goods to my villager. I also volunteer for a medical mission held in our brgy by the good people came from Japan and  Manila. There are about 400 patients that I assist the whole day and we distributed about 800 packs of relief goods for about 8 brgys.

Eric ask me if what about the local Government what they do? I told him that after a few weeks the relief goods from the locl government came but I tell him the truth and say sorry from the word that the rice they distributed to us is a very smelly rice and its been stocked for how many years. I also forgot to tell Eric that government also distribute a canned goods that the can was full of dust and it was already deformed, government also give us a potato a rotten potato and also ginger lot of sacks of ginger but its already rotten also and very smelly even dogs never wanted to smell it.

I also told Eric that I am a Filipino but I say sorry because of what other Filipinos did to our countrymen especially those corrupt politicians. I also told him that I heard the news when I was in Cebu City that lot of countries donated money for the typhoon victims billions of dollars. And sad to say we never receive even a single centavo from the government. I really told to Eric sorry for what happen and I personally Thanks to him for all the help that they did to our country. Eric told me that they bring lots of rice a good quality of rice and they distributed it to Samar and Tacloban. Eric showed me his book His own book He discuss me about the contents of his book He told me that he came to Tacloban City at the year 1981 (I was not born that time) They do a lot of projects during that time biogas, etc that helps develop the City. He told me that He also showed that book to Municipal Mayor of Tacloban Mr. Rumualdez.

Before we ended up our conversation Eric and I changing calling cards I am interested to meet him again. I dont know if he wants to hehehe. I told him about this blog of mine and He wants to visit this when He had a time hopefully He read this article, When I was alone I check His calling card I've Noticed that Sir Eric is not just an ordinary person He is a consultant and Economist and working at USAID. When I google about usaid I am happy and I hope that Eric might be the way to help to my villagers.  USAID is the lead U.S. Government agency that works to end extreme global poverty and enable resilient, democratic societies to realize their potential.