Sunday, November 16, 2008

माय बेस्ट फ्रेंड Jhayson

my best friend Jhayson

First day of our class when I was in second year high school,
I was standing near the wall and some of my new girls classmates
talking about our new classmate, his name is Jhayson they talk about Jhayson
and a few minutes one guy come into our room and walk fast and smile to girls.
Then he set behind my chair and Ive noticed that we are seatmate,
I'm setting down my chair and silently wait to our teacher.
During vacant time he talk to me and ask my name, he likes to tell story about him,
that he come from private school but she left and transfer to our school which is public school,because of some problems that makes him a reason why he transfer. I've noticed that he likes to talk in English not our natural dialect. The days come,after a few weeks we became a good friend. Wherever he I was there,and wherever I am he was there too. Our teachers talk about us in faculty that the two of us will never separate and always get together.

Jhayson is a kind of person that you can lean on. He can give me advice when i was in a difficult situation. The bonding moment that I wont forget with him is when we're together,climb the coconut tree a get some coconut fruit juice,and also when the time we play inside our classroom and he ride my back that is very funny moment with him.
After our school year we separate each other because the next school year was change, supposed to be we both in third year but I passed the examination in our school called educational placement test. The next school year I'll go directly to fourth year while Jhayson is in third year. But still we see each other because we just same in one school campus. After I graduated in high school Jhayson and I never seen each other because We both now in different lives. He finish his college study as marine engineer, while me decided to move in the city and took a job.

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