Sunday, November 30, 2008

Extend. Aim. Smile

Hey readers do you want to extend Aim ans smile?
XShot 2.0 It’s like having your own personal camera man.
It’s great for travelers, families and anyone that loves to take pictures and capture special memories.

The XShot is a lightweight, telescopic camera extender that holds your camera at a distance to capture great pictures and films when no one is around to take your picture.
The XShot extends over 3 feet (37") to capture the subjects and the background or a group shot. It closes to just 9 inches and weighs only 5 oz!
It is built with a durable metal shaft and high quality components.
The XShot is also great for making films and video diaries. Since the camera is pointing at you, you are always in the frame.
Extend, Aim, and Smile!


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