Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bonding Moment With my Father

One day morning me and my father having horseback riding. At that time I'm only
three years old,that is the only one bonding moment that I remember from my father.
June-06-1985 my father is died, as I remember me and my brothers and sister playing
upside of our house and my mother told us "Stop playing your father is dead." as I know
He is just lying in the bed.
This is the only moment that I remember about my father.
Its too sad that I did not grow up and live with my father. But even if He is gone early,
I know that He is always with me guide me to be a good son.

I am the fourth son out of six siblings.,I got 4 brothers and only one sister,
but sad to say my brother
who was the next to me is also died at the age of 5 years old. This happen 4 years after my father
is dead.
I can tell that my mother is very much strong to face Her problem,
She got five siblings to raise by her own way. The most difficult is She don't have stable job,
my older brother at that time age only ten years old while the younger brother is three months old
its very difficult to the side of my mother.
But still She do all she can for us to survive and live. She do wash the clothes of our neighbor
just to earn money,she sell fishes,go to mountains and get some crops to sell.
She had a lot of sacrifices for us I'm so proud of my mother.
Some of our relatives wants to adopt our sister but she refuse to give my sister
she told us no one will leave all of us will live together even if we are poor.

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