Thursday, November 20, 2008


As a request of my friends to post on how to earn money on blogs. This is now the full details.

Please follow this simple steps:

Step 1. Create first your blogger site.
Create a blog in 3 easy steps:
1. Create an account
2. Name your blog
3. Choose a template
To create blog please click here

Step 2. Register to Google AdSense program
Google AdSense will pay you in your blogsite ads.
To Register Please click here. In Google AdSense you can earn money
in your blog site in 3 ways.
1. AdSense for Content
2. AdSense for Search
3. AdSense for Feeds
You will know all of these once you have AdSense account.

Step 3. This is one another way to earn money in your blogs.
Once your blog site is set up. You are now qualified to join Get paid for blogging. Write about web sites, products, services, and companies and earn cash for providing your opinion and valuable feedback to advertisers. Disclosure required.

To sign up please click the icon.

Sign up form is also available in my post below.

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