Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Best Friend Donald

Donald cry front of his mom because his mom never teach him in our lesson and told him,"This is not the time to teach you, in our house you are just playing outside now you suffer!" Our teacher in grade one is his mother. He cry and cry and look for another chair, he saw me alone in the two seated chairs he set down beside me,and ask me if the chair is vacant and i told him yes,.And he ask me to wants to his set mate and i said why not. I saw his tears falling down his checks
and i told him stop crying lets us listen to our teacher, and he told me Our teacher is my mother,ohh wow really? nice to know that.

Starting that day we become a good best friend until now and even we get old,
Every time in school from grade one to grade six we always get together playing,eating etc..
In seats we are set mate if where i am he go with me and if where he is ill go with him too. When time to go home and next day is weekend, after school we both sad because we did not see each other in the weekend.
But he will go to our home visit me and sometimes I'm the one who visit him in their house.We have a lot of moments,we cook bananaque and sell it to the barrios,we ride the boat,.This the good for us, in my side i really hate math but he is good in math subject he really love math. During math time he help me to teach and he give me his answer.But all subjects except math ill give him my answers too.
After we graduate in elementary he study high school in private school
and me did not able to go high school at that time for some reason and I start work as a houseboy. The next school year i decided to study high school in our nearest town in public school.Ive noticed that he transfer in our school because of me.
Now we see each other in our school campus everyday even if we are not still a classmate. We always see each other we help each other to do our school projects.
He graduate first in high school because he is ahead of me. Then he continue study in college, every weekend we see each other,because we still have a business in our school, I'm selling homemade salted peanuts of his mother in our school,that's the way they help me in my study. Every weekend ill go to their house and get the peanuts.

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