Monday, April 26, 2010

Update of Tendollarclick.

Hello guys I will let you know that I receive a lot of comments regarding tendollarclick you can view it in this article.
I will post here the screen-shot of my tendollarclcik cash-out see the details below.

Just click the image to see the full view.

I've requested for my cash out last March 24 via AlertPay.
$10065 has been remove from my account and put in queue for payment.
after that I read a message stated that someone will contact me soon if my payment
has already been done.

And waiting for the payment takes about to months its long to wait but still sometimes I visit their site and click some ads . Unlike before all my time is focus to tendollarclick but when I discover and read a lots of comments that this site is a SCAM I still do click ads but not like before.
We will prove it guys if this site is really a scam after May 24. I will let you all inform if I got the payment or they don't really pay.


Anonymous said...

how about this programe?? is it SCAM or not??

Mitas said...

did you get your money or not?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

So? What about your payment? Did you already get your money? Did they pay you or not? Tell us.