Monday, April 26, 2010

Ttravel in Geneva Switzerland

Although Geneva airport has a good bus and train network, many people prefer to take car hire Geneva if they are going to more than one destination. Car hire is also the most feasible way to travel in Geneva and Switzerland if you plan to go skiing. There are car hire packages where you can get a suitable vehicle with snow chains and ski racks. If you don't drive or can't afford to hire a car, there are some buses which go to the main ski resorts like Chamonix, but these only run on a seasonal basis. Cars come with an unlimited mileage offer so that it doesn't matter how far you drive. Therefore a cheap weekly car hire Geneva rate of eighty nine Euros per week will definitely work out cheaper than taking three 20 minute taxi journeys or the equivalent. There are motorways all around the airport so getting there or back by car should be a doddle as long as you avoid rush hour.

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