Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Contest: Organized or Messy Desk - Which is Better?

I join a funny and little contest featuring the debate over whether it is better to have an organized desk or a messy one.

Cleaning of keyboard is very difficult task for me. I really hate cleaning up my keyboard using cotton with alcohol but after cleaning it, the dust is again still there.
In this contest I don't want to join there debate, for me if which is better I choose messy one.
Messy one don't let me hate cleaning up my keyboard I don't care if this keyboard is messy and I don't care if I don't win this contest.

I join lots of contest on the internet and until now I really don't believe on it and I really have doubt if its true or I just really don't win lol...
Sometimes when I join one local contest stating that I will win mobile phone grrr I never sleep almost 24 hours just to win the prize but too bad I never win, I'm not lucky? or the contest is just their way to promote their sites or products?

In my own opinion I think those sites promoting contest and give prize is just their way to encourage people to keep coming back to their sites. But I don't know if they really give the prize.
In my other side of conclusion I think they give the prize but they give it to their close friends or relatives. But formally other site really sincere, Will this is my own opinion how about you what is your opinion about online contest?

Ohh I almost forgot I write this article just to join the contest again but this contest is the funniest one because is giving away a free computer vacuum maybe I choose better to have an organized desk if i win this.


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