Friday, January 29, 2010

Buy Facebook Fans & Wall Posts and Twitter Followers & Tweets

Subvert and Profit announced today that it has expanded its unique crowdsourcing platform to Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. Facebook users can now purchase fans for their pages and have their website link or phrases posted on Facebook users walls. On Twitter, Subvert and Profit rolled out the service to its users to let them tweet assigned URLs, phrases and hashtags to help attract throngs of followers to Twitter profiles. On Reddit, Subvert and Profit is now accepting content owners stories, blogs and videos to be embedded and voted up by Subvert and Profit users. Subvert and Profit Users earn money for making these innovative social actions while maintaining full control over their profiles.

Subvert and Profit launched a market price of $0.25 per Facebook fan or Twitter follower and $1.00 per Reddit vote, to compliment the other 18 social sites where it makes voting markets.

In order to do this you must create Subvert and Profit account.
Subvert and Profit requires a valid email address.
After submitting the form you will receive an email with a confirmation link that allows you to complete the sign up process.
Please follow this link.

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