Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Join AppQanda and win Apple iPad

Here are all the ways you can participate in a giveaway:

Become our fan on Facebook - recurring, you get one automatic entry every week per active giveaway.
o "Like" our Facebook fan page posts - get one entry per active giveaway, for every "like" during the period...we'll make sure there are at least 2-4 posts every day.
Follow one or both of our official twitter accounts. @appqanda and @appqandafeed - recurring, you get one automatic entry per account per week per active giveaway.
Tweet out the giveaway message associated with a giveaway. (we'll count 1 tweet every 3 hours) There will be a blue 'Click To Tweet' button associated with each giveaway for your convenience.
RT any of our tweets.(one entry per RT other than giveaway message per active giveaway...again...we'll only count 1 tweet every three hours) Please make sure you have @appqanda or @appqandafeed somewhere in your RT message if you want it counted. Website

* Post Questions on the website, - one entry per valid question. We count a question valid, if it gets voted up and is on topic. Completely unrelated questions will get deleted. And please don't try to create another account to vote yourself up or downvote competition, we have an algorithm running that looks for things like that. If you need some ideas, on what to ask, just scroll down!
* Post an Answer on the website - one entry per every upvoted answer.
* Build reputation points - one entry for every reputation point per period. Please visit the reputation explanation page to understand how to build your reputation points.
* Login and complete your user profile (including your profile picture!) - one entry for every day during a given contest period that you have a fully populated profile.

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