Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kuala Lumpur Tours Discover Kuala Lumpur

These tours are all based from Kuala Lumpur, taking you to interesting places besides touring the city itself. From Kuala Lumpur, one can choose a tour to see Pulau Ketam, or ‘Crab Island’, located off Klang, which is an island made of mangrove swamps with a unique Chinese fishing village, or the magnificent Rafflesia flower, located deep inside the Ulu Geroh rainforest in Perak state.

These are the top 5 of my choice where to go in Malaysia.

1 : Half-Day Batu Caves Tour, Batu Caves the most famous cave landmark in Kuala Lumpur, which also doubles up as a religious side for Hindus. Ascend 272 steps to reach the top where you can admire the limestone formations and watch devotees pray to their shrines.

2 : Elephant Sanctuary Tour, located in Kuala Gandah, where you learn how the Department of Wildlife & National Parks, Malaysia, continuously manages the conservation of the elephants and its habitats. You can also witness the bathing and feeding of the elephants. In the afternoon, head back to the city and on the way.

3 : Kampung Tour & Firefly Watching, This is a special tour that will take you on an exploration of some of Malaysia's last mangrove swamps - Kuala Selangor, and the rural life around it. A small peaceful town built along the coast, many villages scattered around Kuala Selangor depend on fishing and farming to sustain their livelihoods.

4 : Genting Highlands Day Tour, If the casino isn’t your cup of tea, then take the time off to enjoy the attractions of the indoor and outdoor theme parks instead. Many rides with descriptive names such as ‘Corkscrews’, ‘Euro Express Roller’, ‘Turbo Drop’ and ‘Sky Venture’ are available, giving you the ride of your life up in the air!

5 : Become One Day Pilot,he "Become One Day Pilot" is an event designed to help you understand what basic flying is about. It will actually be your very first experiences and possible the beginning of a life long passion. Don't miss that chance when it comes around to you!

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