Saturday, January 9, 2010

Blog advertising network.

blog advertising

One day morning at around 4:00 o'clock in the morning I wake up and cry because I dreamed about my younger brother, He is crying on my dream and telling me that he wants a good job and a good life, he didn't finish study even high school that's why hes job is very difficult and at very low in salary, We are crying in my dream and I'm telling him I'm sorry because we are just poor, we are motherless and fatherless they are both now in heaven.

As my daily habit when I open a computer my first thing to do is checking my emails hoping that there is email for from several companies that I applied online, but still nothing and no job opportunity. One email that catch up my attention is heading like this "Check out the few new opportunities available for you." I don't know who is the sender, I thought this is from one of the company that I applied, but no. When I click the link that the sender provide I found out that its a Blog Advertising network, since I have a blog site I'm interested with their site and I'm lucky because they will pay for Blogger's, Wow! I told to my self that this is now the opportunity that I'm looking for. And now I already signing up and join their growing Blog advertising network.
Now if these opportunity works for me I could help my brother, and I know it will really really works.
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