Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Last Christmas

Last Christmas!

As I remember during previous Christmas happens in my life step by step I will refresh it.
First is in Agpangi in my auntie every Christmas I and my cousin will go to their place because my auntie gives us a Christmas gift. And that was happen when I was in my grade school.
Next Christmas that I remember is in Caibiran at the Letran family as I remember that was the first time that I eat ice cream and grapes because I told to them that in my whole life I didn’t able to eat ice cream and grapes and I am 14 years old at that time. They had a lot of foods and fruits they cook spaghetti, cake, and fruit salads they are so very happy. We put all our foods outside the house in one table and in their traditions they will exchange foods to their neighbors that also have their tables of food outside their backyards I am so happy at that time even if I’m far away from my family. I serve the Letran family as a houseboy at the age if 14 years old. They give me also a Christmas gift a new dress I’m so very happy at that time. Compare today I’m so lonely I’m just alone far away from my brothers and sister and also I celebrate Christmas that fatherless and motherless because they are already in hand of God.

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