Monday, August 29, 2011


Variants: Available in Brown and Black

UNO SCALAR PENDANT is made from natural  minerals and Germanium Dioxide that are fused and bonded at a molecular  level. It produces Scalar Energy that restores the Body's energy by  helping to balance its bio-electric field. Inwardly, Scalar Energy helps  by facilitating cell permeability thereby enhancing many physiological  functions. Outwardly, it enhances the body's bio-electric field which is  essential to overall good health.

• Promotes the unclumping of cells thereby enhances cellular movement.
• Boosts the immune and endocrine systems.
• Enhances cellular nutrition and detoxification.
• Protects the body from harmful radiation & electro magnetic waves.
• Helps retard the ageing process.
• Helps fight cancer.
• Enhances blood circulation.
• Protects the DNA.
• Increase focus and concentration.

UNO SCALAR PENDANT comes in two colors, Black and Brown to match your personal preferences.

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