Monday, August 22, 2011

1st Health Choco 8 Chocolate Drink

Content: Agaricus Mushroom, Ginkgo Biloba, Natural Calcium, Chlorella (CGF) and Omega 3 with DHA
Packaging: 25 grams x 20 sachets / box
SRP: P 380
Direction for Use : Empty 1 sachet to a cup of hot water. Stir well and enjoy. To enjoy it cold, empty 1 sachet in ½ cup hot water, dissolve well and then add ½ cup cold water with ice.

Healthy Chocolate drink never tastes and smells this good!

1st Health Choco 8 is a refreshing healthy beverage that contains all the natural goodness from nature. Sourced from premium selected Cocoa Beans from Ghana, Africa, 1st Health Choco 8 is fortified with all the health giving benefits of Agaricus Mushroom, Ginkgo Biloba, Natural Calcium, Chlorella and Omega 3. Here’s what those active ingredients do;
   – Neurotransmitters; DOPAMINE & ANADAMIDE
   – Anti-depressants;TRYPTOPHAN & SEROTONIN
   – Magnesium for healthy heart
   – Phenyletylamine for mental alertness

   – Clinically proven Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF)
   – Superfood, complete with 8 essential Amino Acids
   – Promotes cellular reproduction, repair and rejuvenation
   – Effective detoxifying agent
   – Accelerates wound healing

   – Supports bone health
   – Supports healthy heart and regulates heart rhythm
   – Promotes healthy colon
   – Essential in preventing blood clotting,
   – Enhances nerve transmission
   – Improves muscle and cell membrane functioning

   – Improves memory and other cognitive functions
   – Enhances blood circulation to the brain and heart
   – Helps reduce cardio vascular risk
   – Used in treating cerebral insufficiency, senility, dementia and Alzheimer’s       Diseases

   – Maintains Cardiac Rythmn
   – Promotes healthy blood vessels and blood cells
   – Reduces blood viscosity
   – Reduces high blood pressure

   – Immune system booster
   – Anti-Cancer / Anti-Tumor
   – Aids in weight loss
   – Lowers cholesterol levels

Now your invigorating energy drink brings life in its every cup, keeping you healthy, strong and mentality alert. Truly, a premium chocolate mix with a healthy twist!

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