Friday, September 3, 2010

Make money with

Friends List Builder - Make Money Building Your Friends List How do I make money with
Once you join, you need to refer other people to join your list. When a new member joins your list, it increase your potential earning. When he upgrade his account, it becomes real money!
How does payment for referrals work?
You receive referral commissions 10 levels deep, which means that by referring only a few people and then through your direct and indirect referrals again acquiring referrals.
How do I withdraw money from my account balance?
You can withdraw money from your account any time you have a balance of at least $100. You simply fill out the very short Withdrawal Request form and submit it. We will send the money to your AlertPay account within 1-2 business days.
What is a referral link?
With your referral link you can refer people to join
When a visitor comes through one of your links, our system recognizes him/her as your friend and adds him/her to your friends list.
Someone has moved from my list, why?
This can happen for several reasons (payment due, blocked user account etc.)
We also may move "free members" from your list to the main website list.
How much does it cost to join
FREE! You don't need to pay nothing to join (for a trial account)
If you want to activate your account for upgraded features (Sending emails, Daily Registrations, Withdraw funds etc.) you need to pay one-time fee of $14.99.
When do I have to pay the activation fee?
You can pay the activation fee at any time you want to activate your account. Even after you've earned real money, you can pay using your account balance.
Are there any monthly or other fees?
No, there are no other fees.
AlertPay is asking for a Transaction PIN. What is that?
When you opened your AlertPay account you were asked to enter a password, which you use to login to your account, and a Transaction PIN. That PIN must be entered to send money to someone else. If you opened your AlertPay account a while ago, they used to call it a Transaction Password. If you do not remember your Transaction PIN or Password, you can go to My Profile and click on Password / PIN on the left side of the page. Once there you will see the option to update your PIN. You will be asked you your 2 security questions. If you get them right you will have a chance to reset your PIN. If you cannot get through that you should call AlertPay's support number rather than use their email support. Email is slow to respond but on the phone they can help you in a few minutes. Their support number is 514-748-5774.
Why do you not accept PayPal?
PayPal does not support MLM or Affiliate programs at all. If we allowed people to use PayPal we would be risking both of our accounts being frozen. Read their 29 pages of policies.
Is this legal?
Yes, is 100% legal.
People are paying one-time activation fee, they are paying to join your list and upgrade features (Sending emails, Daily Registrations, Withdraw funds etc.). The product is a upgraded features and that is extremely valuable.

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