Friday, June 11, 2010


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Few things on the Internet are as hot right now as blogs. At last count there were well over 100 million blogs and that number is rapidly rising every day.
The growing popularity of blogs naturally leads entrepreneurs such as you and I to ask - So how can we make money from this phenomenon... without having to write every day?
This very question led some enterprising marketers to create autoblog software that was meant to automatically create money-making blogs.
Unfortunately, most autoblog software doesn't produce very good results ... if it produces any results at all.
The reason for autoblogs failure?
Poor or, as is often the case, duplicate (i.e. stolen) content in the blogs that are created.
So the bottom line has been that while blogging continues to grow and grow enterprising individuals like us have had no way to tap into the popularity and make big money ... until now, that is!
Introducing BlogHatter ...

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orchisx said...

Wow that is very encouraging news, for me and many people who want to become a blogger and can make money.