Friday, November 25, 2016

OPPO F1s Selfie Filter

Recently #supermoon is nationwide trending in social media, everybody make sure their phone camera's ready while waiting the super moon. 

I am one of those who patiently waiting. And you just got have a shots photos like at the left side.
You cant take good shoots because of your poor phone camera #superannoying right?

I try searching best smart phone camera with high resolutions online, and I found the best one!
16 MP front cam? I Had to check many times just to make sure of this. Oh boy I am a selfie addict person in this world no one could tell how passionate I am when it comes to taking photos.

  Imagine in the top of the mountain facing the entire big city with thousands of different colorful lights sparkling like this! 
  One of my favorite filter OPPO F1s Selfie Camera is of course the soft one.  

 OPPO F1s is now available in limited edition space gray.

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