Friday, May 21, 2010

Filipino fastfood chain makes 'Glee'ful appearance

In a move that has left the global online Pinoy community quite amused --and the rest of the world quite bewildered-- the popular US television show Glee featured a background cameo of what may well be one of the most recognized icons of pinoy pop culture: a Jollibee fastfood restaurant.

The brief appearance of the fastfood chain caused quite a buzz among Pinoys online immediately after the Glee episode aired on US television this Tuesday at 9pm (Wednesday 3pm in the Philippines).

The cameo has become a hot trending topic on Twitter, and you can see the full, lively discussion on our GMANews.TV Facebook Fanpage.

Several Facebook users, including Mimatt Culata and Joseph Magno Estrada noted that the video was apparently shot in Eagle Rock Mall in Los Angeles, California, which supposedly has a large Filipino community.

Opinion is currently divided on whether or not the very brief cameo was an intentional promotional stunt, but Facebook user Digi Anna T. Peralta noted the dance number's striking resemblance to an actual PR event that the fastfood chain conducted last year at the Mall of Asia in the Philippines.

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